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He has served Highland residents as the City administrator, Roads superintendent, Computer and IT specialist, Public Works Director, Building official, Utility billing specialist, Plans examiner, Receptionist, Contract negotiator and administrator, Construction supervisor, Purchasing agent, Parks superintendent, Operator, Fling Chairman, Zoning administrator, Snow plow driver, Laborer, Equipment maintenance specialist, Mechanic, Sign specialist, Code enforcement officer, Building inspector, Animal licensing official, Business licensing official, Water board member, Planning commission assistant, Liaison representative to other entities, etc. etc. etc..


Jays' Principle of good government

Every council decision should enhance the lives of our citizens. The people who live here must be our highest priority because it is on their shoulders we stand to build the future.

Every employee and official is your servant, not your master.

If elected I will do my best to make the City office a pleasant place to conduct your business. You should never feel demeaned or belittled by city administration regardless of your question or comment. If this means severe disciplinary action toward some in the administration or even dismissal then so be it. I promise to do what is necessary to remedy the situation.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Question To Ask An Incumbant

1) In the 2007-2008 budget there is a line item listed as Lone Peak PSD Reimbursement in the amount of $140,000. What, specifically is this for?

2) What is a Town Center exaction fee as listed in the budget? It shows no revenue to the general fund but $300,000 in the capitol improvement fund for the building.

3) Why does the City Administrator from Alpine receive a salary from Highlands payroll? What service does he provide for Highland?

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